How we serve


Anniversary And Special Celebration Team

As we enter into planning for 145 years we are excited about ways we can honor this historic moment. Please contact Glenda Mayo at if you desire to help or learn more. 

The Vestry

Is made up of 7 members of the church and the treasurer. They are responsible for managing the fiduciary affairs of the church. The Senior Warden, Jr Warden, and Secretary make up the elected officers. To learn more contact


Acolytes serve as torchbearers, candle lighters, crucifers, readers or lectors, book and banner bearers, and communion assistants. They help worshippers notice God and not themselves. Because they have prayer, prepared and practice, the acolyte serves with reverence, calmness, and grace. 

Guilds of the Church

They provide for important internal social support including our weekly coffee hours. The include: Dorcas Society, Men of Holy Cross, ECW and the Rectors Guild

Christian and Early Education & Nursery

Our volunteer staff provide for a host of learning opportunities throughout the year in every age category. From our after School Arts Enrichment program Act Your Best sponsored by the Episcopal Lutheran Alliance, to our summer initiatives we are committed to making sure  we provide hope to the next generation.

Youth Ministry & Liturgical Dance

The Worship ministry requires our actions, motives, and attitudes to be pure of heart and holy before God and man. We expect that those who commit themselves to ministry will make the time and possess the drive to glorify God. We strive to provide our youth different ways to express their appreciation to God and their fellow neighbor. Through Field Trips and social projects combined with their worship expressions our youth are challenge to let their light shine.